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We insure the property against unforeseen events

Support in current issues, such as:

Obtaining an NIE

Opening a bank account

Getting a mortgage loan

Connection or transfer of electric meters, gas, water

Connecting to the Internet

Real estate insurance

Health insurance

Real Estate Services

Keeping keys and inspecting your home at least twice a month

Airing the house, bathrooms and kitchen (draining water in cisterns and faucets, etc.)

Cleaning of the premises before or after arrival

Integrated Horticulture: service, consulting and new projects

Pool maintenance: the pool will always be in perfect condition

Control and inspection after rains, winds and other weather anomalies

Watering plants inside the house

Laundry services

Direct contact with the home security and surveillance company and your other contractors

Receiving correspondence. We will contact you by phone/email/fax/email in emergencies

Constant and direct contact with the customer in case of accidents or other emergencies requiring immediate solutions