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Family walk along the lake

Castanyer Can Cuch or also known as Castanyer Gros de la Casa del Bosc is the name of the oldest and largest tree in Catalonia. It is located in the municipality of Canoves y Samalus in the Valles Oriental, on one of the borders of the Montseni Natural Park.

To get to know this place better, I suggest you take this walking tour. Which runs past the river, then along the lake and up to this wonderful tree.

How to get to Cantanyer de Can Cuch

The start of the trail is at the Can Domènech parking lot in Canova. Parking costs 3 euros per car from 8:00 to 17:00 and is payable at the machine.

You can drive up the road past the barrier to the parking lot, which is much closer to the lake. But since it’s small, there aren’t many seats. There is always a person in front of the barrier who regulates traffic and takes payment. In this case, you are advised to park in the lower parking lot and walk up the scenic path along the river.

The route continues around the lake on the right side until we reach a fork. Then you need to turn right along the stream.

Then you should always follow the road next to a small stream. It is a wet, shady and leafy road that leads slowly uphill all the time. There will be small waterfalls on the left.

At the very top there will be another fork. Where there will be signs for the restaurant on the right and on the left a sign for Castaner de Can Cuch is our way to the biggest tree in Catalonia. Next you will see the biggest chestnut in Catalonia. It’s so big that a whole group can fit inside it!

Then we repeat our way back: to the right is where we came from, and to the left is where we go next. This is the track where the cars go to the restaurant. Then you will see beautiful views of the reservoir and the city of Cardedeu. If you go back the same way, in which case it will not be a circular route, but we will avoid the steep descent on the trail that goes through the hotel.

Next is Hotel Can Cuch, which is a nice little hotel that I wouldn’t mind spending the night in.

The way back starts to lead downhill steeply until we reach the lake and then we go back the same way we came from the parking lot.

We walked this route in the afternoon in mid-October. This time of year the weather is comfortable for walking. You can find a lot of mushrooms here.

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-Location: Cànoves, Vallès Oriental (Barcelona). coordinates 41.70462721723852, 2.350984185973181 car parking, payable/ 3€ – Distance: approx. 7.36 km. – Time: 3 hours 30 minutes – Circular route. – Level of difficulty: medium. – Map

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