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Rupit is one of the pearls of medieval architecture in Spain

Excursion from Lloret de Mar and Barcelona to RUPIT

Have you been to a real Spanish village? Have you walked on a suspension bridge over a river or stepped on frozen volcanic lava?

Rupit is an unusual medieval town or also called the town of witches. In the past it was a fortress city. Because it was at the crossroads of the Roman Empire.

Consequently, “witches” were brought here in medieval times to be executed by burning. Most importantly in this city, people believed that all manner of evil loses its power.

This town sits above a cliff on a mountain highland, right in a gorge on lava frozen from a volcano! You could say a journey into the distant past-the 11th, 12th, 16th centuries. It is surrounded by mountains and forests away from famous hiking trails.

The staircases in the city are carved from natural stone, in large chunks. The massive doors and inscriptions remind us of history and the spirit of antiquity is everywhere. Locals can tell many legends and customs.

During the walk you can feel the philosophy of time or place. You can also sit on a bench in front of a precipice or find yourself in another dimension… the place and the surroundings are conducive to it all.

The houses of the city date back to the XVI-XVII centuries. Now the city has more than 300 residents. The city rises 890 meters above sea level. It’s clean and cozy.

At the entrance to the common pool for residents. For guests there is a fee of 5.50 euros. The city has many bars and restaurants where there is a set dinner (from 12 to 20 euros) or at your choice from the menu.

There are several hotels, for the more sophisticated romantic travelers.

In the city itself the roads are small and you have to move on foot. Nearby, before entering the city there are free and paid parking (cost 2 euros for cars and 5 euros for a minibus or campsite)


-Santuario del Far -The ancient sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, called-it is the jewel of the city

-Church of San Juan de Fabregas, preserved since its construction in the XI century

-Sightseeing platform, where you can enjoy a picturesque view of the city and its surroundings.

-Near the town (walking 20 minutes) path through the woods you can visit a waterfall or a small river. (Depending on the season, less water in summer). From there you have a beautiful view of the canyons, the view over the cliff on the valley in front of you and a panoramic view of the mountains

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