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The Castle of Poubol or the Castle of Gala-Salvador Dali

  • This is a medieval castle of the XI century, which is located in the village of the same name Pubol. Northeast in Catalonia. Not far from the French border.
  • The first mention of the castle dates back to 1056. For several centuries it was owned by members of baronial families.

  • This castle is famous for the fact that the last owners of it were the famous artist Salvador Dali.

  • Where the scandalous muse of the 20th century lived, his wife Gala (Elena Dyakova), who was a muse for the artist. Inspiring him to art.

  • Since 1996, there has been a museum dedicated to this famous couple.

  • Salvador Dali bought this building in 1968, remembering his promise to his wife Gala. Which he gave at the beginning of their passionate romance.

  • At that time the castle was in an abandoned state. Some of the roofs have collapsed in places. But in spite of everything, the extravagant artist really liked it.

  • For restoration, he invited his friend Emil Pigno. But he set the main condition to preserve the appearance of the structure. Restoration work touched only the interior.
  • Then Salvador personally did the decoration of the rooms himself.

  • Pubol Castle has become a retreat for 74-year-old Gala.
  • And in the future, by their agreement, the artist could visit her only with written permission.

  • Where Gala began to spend more time surrounded by young lovers in Pubol. She showered them with money and gifts.
  • In 1982, Gala fell unsuccessfully, breaking her femoral neck. After that, Dali moved her to Port Legat and carefully looked after her there.

  • The artist’s muse died on June 10, 1982. And according to the will of Gala Dali had to bury her in Pubol Castle.
  • And the ingenious spouse had to participate in the last hoax again in order to transport the dead body to the castle.
  • According to Spanish law, it was forbidden to transport a dead body over such a long distance.
  • So Dali breaks the ban and puts on her dead wife her favorite red dress from Dior. Large sunglasses. Then he put her as if alive in the back seat of the Cadillac and takes her to their family crypt in the castle, where she was also buried.
  • There, in the garage, you can see the same Cadillac car in which Dali transported his late wife to the castle.



  • Viewing starts from the courtyard. Interesting garden with a pond.
  • Decorated with busts of Wagner, Dali’s favorite composer.
  • Where eccentric figures of elephants, a horse, a giraffe and others are installed.

  • The rooms in the castle are located on three floors, three wings of the building surround a high and narrow courtyard.
  • The whitewashed walls of the rooms and the golden faucets in the bathroom, the letter “G” is guessed in each element, hinting at belonging to Galya.

  • The sights of the castle include: Armorial hall with symbols of ancient families and tone on the pedestal.
  • Where Gala’s dressing table remained untouched and her bathroom and kitchen were preserved.

  • There are many photographs of the couple in the castle.
  • And paintings, the last painting of the master which is called “The Cello and the Dovetail”. which remained unfinished.
  • Above in the attic, you can see an exhibition of Gala’s wardrobe.

  • And in the basement of the castle, where there is subdued light and low semicircular vaults, there is a tomb where only one Gala is buried.

For Salvador Dali, Gaza’s death shocked him, after which he lived for two years in seclusion and surrounded by Gala’s belongings.

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