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Residence permit in Spain!

Keep in mind that an investor residence permit is not the only way to move to Spain. There are also other ways, for example, obtaining a student visa, work visa, visa for entrepreneurs, etc. However, if you have enough funds to invest, then an investor residence permit may be the most convenient and fastest way.

To obtain a residence permit for an investor in Spain, you need to buy real estate worth at least 500 thousand euros. It can be either one object or several cheaper ones. It is important that their amount is not less than half a million.

A significant advantage of an investor’s residence permit is that it allows you to move freely around Europe and does not tie a person to Spain. Sitting in the country for six months a year is an optional condition, as in other cases.

Obtaining a residence permit for an investor in Spain can take from several months to a year. However, if you turn to professionals in this field, the registration process can be accelerated and simplified.

If you are interested in obtaining an investor residence permit in Spain, please contact us, we will help you choose the right object for your budget and tell you what documents you need to provide for obtaining an investor residence permit. We will also select commercial real estate for investment on which you can earn.

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