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DGT warns drivers that they must return their driver’s license.

In many cases, people who lose their wallet complain more about the cards and documents than about the money itself. On the one hand, because cash is becoming scarce and scarce, and also because of the hassle of obtaining duplicate driver’s licenses, ID cards, credit cards, etc. DGT warns drivers requesting a duplicate that if the lost original, they must return the original to the provincial traffic authority that issued it.


DGT makes it clear. “Having the original permit or license and a duplicate thereof will result in the immediate seizure of the original for transmission to the Provincial Traffic Authority.” Similarly, if the alleged reason for obtaining a duplicate “turns out to be false”, this fact will be reported to the judicial authority, it can become a determinant of criminal liability.


On the other hand, the General Directorate of Road Traffic states that all those who change their address or other personal details must notify the DGT. Changing your address and not notifying DGT may result in a fine. If this bureaucratic procedure is not followed, we may lose the right to a bonus for the timely payment of fines.

“If you change your address, you must communicate your new mailing address to traffic within 15 days so that our notices and messages can reach you, avoiding, for example, that you do not know about the penalty notice and do not miss it. . its due date,” they claim in the DGT.


This procedure for changing data is governed by the General Rules for Drivers (Article 10): “Any change in the data that is indicated in the driver’s license or license, as well as in the address of the owner, must be communicated to him within a period of fifteen days, counting from the date on which it occurred , to the provincial traffic authority,” the DGT explains.

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